corporate culture

corporate culture

Songjiang brand

Be a dedicated manufacturer of shock and noise reduction products.

Songjiang Values

Customer Satisfaction: Discover customer needs, bring value to customers, respect and care for customers.

Respect for individuals: open and honest communication, always fair treatment, mutual trust and support.

Sense of achievement: common vision and goals, sense of responsibility, determination to fight for victory, praise.

Continuous learning: innovation and courage, support development, tolerance of failure, never complacency, keep an open mind.

Management Purpose of Songjiang River

Create wealth and contribute to society.

To produce high quality products at low cost.

Be responsible for customers, customers are God.

The next process is the user of the previous process. In each process to create quality, all services for users.

Eliminate unnecessary redundancy.

Emphasize the ideological work of employees.

When you find a problem, you should consider how to deal with it, not dismiss the person responsible.

Operating Idea of Songjiang

Customer – customer first, service first;

Employees – people-oriented;

For production – to simplify as a means to pursue low cost;

For products – zero defect as the goal, the pursuit of high quality.

To develop business relations as the foundation, mutual commitment to research and creation, to achieve long-term stable development and coexistence and prosperity.

corporate culture

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